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The Purpose of this Website

Since October 2001, I’ve had a seizure disorder, I’ve spent many years dealing with my body and with doctors, and most of it has been frustrating.

As we enter into February 2018, I’ve decided that I need to get everything organized, share my stories, in hopes of it helping someone else, or even helping me with either getting Disability or support from others.

My plan for this will be to think back to as many events as I can remember and distinguish and write about what those events felt like, what was going on before, and what was going on after. I will also discuss interactions with medical personnel, the good and the bad. I will also share advice that has been shared with me, things that I have yet to try, and things that I have found to be successful.

It will certainly take quite a while to post things, and due to current seizures, and attempts at Living when I’m not convulsing, I might not update regularly, but I will try.

Thanks for visiting my website, check out my posts and if you can Donate, I would be very grateful. Large donations will be rewarded with original stickers or 8×10 prints from my photography website.

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