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My First Seizure

October 10, 2001

My life has changed.

I had what we believe was a seizure while working at the local movie theater.

The day began at 4 am, and by 5 am I had arrived for my third day of work, first full shift, at UPS unloading trucks, until 9 am. It was exhausting.

After work I went home and started doing some work on my “new” car. I grabbed a packet of strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts and began work detailing that which the dealership hadn’t cleaned perfectly.

That afternoon, I went to work at the movie theater, that night’s job would be cleaning after the shows.

I was cleaning up after The Others, and had just finished and started walking back up the aisle. I was not feeling well and was thinking about taking an extra break or even seeing if I could go home early. Then darkness.

Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor looking up at the lights on the ceiling, in a world of pain throughout my body.

I lay there, barely able to move for a few minutes before two female coworkers came in apparently looking for me. They had concern in seeing me on the floor, half dazed, and said I’d been missing for over half an hour; I did not think I had been cleaning that screen for nearly that long.

But we figured I’d just fainted/passed out, and I went home.

The next day I was still sore and exhausted, so I told UPS that I would not be continuing.

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