My Second Seizure, late Oct 2001

It had been a couple weeks of feeling ok for the most part, but then it happened again, and this time, I was awake.

It was in the evening, and I was working at the movie theater, this time on the concession stand. I don’t remember exactly what movies were there at this time, it was a little before the first Harry Potter and before A Beautiful Mind, but it was something big playing, and we were busy. Really busy.

It’s a surprisingly aerobic workout to get popcorn, drinks, and candy for several hundred people within half an hour. And when it was finally done, when everyone had gone to their movies, and it was time to breathe, I was exhausted. I started to walk towards the backroom to get my cup so I could fill it up with water, but just a few steps and I collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

I laid there for a few minutes, trying to get some sort of control of my body, to get it to move or do anything. Then I started spasming, and all my muscles contracted. I was curled up in a ball, convulsing, in a world of pain that I had never felt the like of before, and nothing since compares, not even kidney stones, the closest thing would be a taser.

After another few minutes, what seemed like forever, someone looked over the countertop and saw me on the floor writhing.

I was burning up, sore, my jaw was tingly and numb, and my heart was pounding.

By the time the EMTs arrived, the convulsions had finally stopped. My parents arrived, and they took me into the hospital. The hospital was unsure what to do at the moment, and so I went home and we set started setting up further doctor’s appointments.

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