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Cancelled 2nd Appointment with New Therapist

Last week I started seeing a new psychologist, finally got one after nearly two years in Humboldt County, and now I’m already done seeing her.

I could not get stable enough to drive. There’s just no way. I’m barely standing.

I had to cancel less than one hour before the appointment. Doctors, etc, usually like to be notified 24-hours beforehand for a cancelation, but I can’t do that.

My health is so variable that I can never guarantee that I will be able to make an appointment, arrive at a gig (with my photography), be able to stay for the whole gig, and definitely not for a steady, regular 40-hour job.


It’s also a long drive to do every week, 40ish mile round trip.

She’s going to help me find someone in my town that can be more flexible in meeting location.


Gist: my health prevented me from being able to make a doctor’s appointment in the last few hours prior. My health is too unpredictable to schedule activities.


(This was actually not written Live at the event, but over two weeks later, on the 31st of March)

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